Final Report

The 13th EMR (Energetic Macroscopic Representation) international summer school has been organized by University of Lille (France) from the 14th to 17th of June 2021 in hybrid mode. EMR’21 has proposed 6 lectures on concepts, 24 lectures on applications, 9 simulation sessions (1 face-to-face and 8 on-line for different world areas). In terms of attendees, a new record has been achieved thanks to the hybrid mode: 169 attendees from 19 countries[1] (27 in-presence and 142 on-line). During this special edition, only an electric vehicle has been proposed as simulation work, both in Matlab-Simulink© and Simcenter Amesim ©. EMR’21 has been supported by scientific organizations (IEEE-VTS, MEGEVH, SEEDS, L2EP), foundations (i-SITE ULNE, IC ARTS), and industrial cluster and companies (dSPACE France, Siemens Software, Typhoon and MEDEE cluster). A special day has been co-organized with the H2020 PANDA project, which also provides the EMR library and PANDA cloud for Simcenter-Amesim© managed by Siemens Industry Software).

EMR’21 in-presence attendees (ESPRIT building of University of Lille)

This summer school deals with the EMR, which is a graphical formalism to organize models of energy conversion systems composed of several subsystems. It enables an easy analysis of the global system behaviour and a systematic deduction of its control organization. Various applications are considered from electric/hybrid vehicles to renewable energy conversions systems, including fuel cell systems, electrical grids, piezoelectric actuators, and many other systems. Developed in 2000 by the control team of L2EP (Lab of Electrical Engineering and Power electronics) of University of Lille, EMR is now taught in more than 9 countries, more and more used in industry (Alstom, Groupe Renault, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Siemens Mobility, Siemens Software, Valeo, SNCF – French national railway company -, etc.), and is the core of the PANDA H2020 European Project

EMR’21 in-presence attendees (ESPRIT building of University of Lille)

The EMR summer school has been initiated by Prof. Alain Bouscayrol (L2EP, Univ Lille) in 2006. Since 2011, the EMR summer school is organized the odd years in Lille (France) and the even years in other countries (Canada, China, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and Vietnam, in the past). The average attendance is 58.4 attendees per year. More than 180 different applications have been presented in lectures. Since 2011, credits are delivered to Master and PhD students by University of Lille and/or the partner university.

EMR’22 will be held by the University of Sion of Applied Sciences (Switzerland), in June 2022.

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